I was born in the shadow of a great mountain. Now this is true, and we lived at the top for a few years until my family decided to move to Toronto, where I have lived and worked for the last several years. I like to write, walk, listen to music, eat grapefruits and punch kittens. No I'm kidding. I don't like grapefruits.

Seriously all jokes aside, I am just a man with stories to tell. The medium I choose is film, so please take the time to look over my work. I am also a gigantic music nerd, so I also post songs I think are awesome. Enjoy!

Seriously, would you kill this joyful creature just for a coat? Take a second to watch this and think about it. It is not worth killing any living thing for fashion.

Raw vegan cookie dough bites w/ chia seeds, peanut butter, raw sugar, coconut oil, dark chocolate chips, vanilla, oat and almond flour. Guilt free. Modified from a receipe on veganricha.com #vegan #cookiedough #peanutbutter #raw

Dark Phoenix Pictures presents the Canadian premiere of ” Victims ” at the Carlton Cinema as a part of the Toronto Independent Film Festival. Writer and director Chris Abell takes questions with the star of the film Katharine Isabelle. #victims #darkphoenixpictures #film #filmmakers #Toronto (at Carlton Cinema)

Victims Full Trailer from Chris Abell on Vimeo.

Dark Phoenix Pictures Presents:


This is the trailer for “Victims” written and directed by my producing partner Chris Abell and produced by myself.  it will be premiering here in Canada at the Toronto Independent Film Festival September 4 - 13 2014.  It has also been accepted to the New York City Independent Film Festival October 15-19.  Get your tickets!  It stars Katharine Isabelle, Christian Campbell and Julian Richings.



Robin Williams

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”

This man was a hero to weirdos like me.

Be great.  Do important things and be kind and generous to people.  Most importantly do not suffer in silence, seek help so that you can continue to be great.

I Break Horses - Denial

If you’re into great music.  From the Drive 2 soundtrack that will never exist.

❝ Punk rock is full of posers but that is what’s great about it. People can wear the clothes & fake the mentality but time exposes the truth. ❞


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Magazine - Rhythm of Cruelty (Sorta Live 1980)

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Finally joined instagram.  @paulgriffinfilm

Garth Marenghi’s “Darkplace” - Episode 1

Much like the great "Peep Show" it took me forever to get to watching the mini-series Garth Marenghi’s “Darkplace” directed by and starring Richard Ayoade and Matthew Holness.  I’m glad I did though because like Peep Show it is hilarious television.  Huge influence on Will Ferrell’s Spoils of Babylon.  Watch it, you will laugh.

New pea and habanero plants along with my bonzai tree Glenn. Pre food thats how this works right? #prefood #firstpost

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Camping WIth Shondra Foxx from Paul Griffin on Vimeo.

"Camping With Shondra Foxx"

A short film about a lonely man who takes a hooker camping. 

This is my new short that I wrote and directed.  Starring the incredibly talented duo of Annette Wozniak and Mark DeNicola.

Presented by Dark Phoenix Pictures

Best Films of 2014 So Far

  • Snowpiercer
  • Blue Ruin
  • Jodorowsky’s Dune
  • Let The Fire Burn
  • Joe
  • I Am Divine
  • The Immigrant - Joaquin Phoenix and Marion Cotillard deliver awesome performances
  • Tim’s Vermeer
  • Big Bad Wolves
  • Borgman
  • Calvary
  • The Raid 2
  • Cold In July

Honorable mentions:

Grand Budapest Hotel, Only Lovers Left Alive, Godzilla, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Burtt’s Buzz

Operation Ivy - The Crowd (Live 1989)

I’d like to personally thank all the guys and gals from back in the day who held those giant, often heavy VHS cameras in punk clubs so we can get moments like this.  Where a band that was together for only a little while can be enjoyed decades later by a new generation.  I’m sure even sometimes, they skipped getting too drunk to capture this moment.

Alejandro Jodorowsky (El Topo) in “Jodorowsky’s Dune”